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“El Metate” is a documentary series that explores of the cuisine of Mexican state of Guanajuato, contrasting ancestral traditions with the culinary vanguard. Locally esteemed indigenous cooks and internationally acclaimed chefs will describe the conflicts and triumphs that led to their personal success.

Through a series of intimate portraits we will hear the voices of experts, farmers, and artisans, whose values and traditions that have been passed through generations, and create the flavors and colors of contemporary Mexican cuisine, whose efforts have made the state of Guanajuato a center for recipes and flavors.

The first season of this series consists of eight episodes that pull the viewer into the kitchens and businesses of people who dedicate their lives to the creation of amazing meals, presenting the culinary process as a historical, anthropological, and economic phenomenon.

Guanajuato is the nucleus of each episode, and the protagonists will be local personalities, permitting the viewer to enter and understand the process of creating amazing and meaningful dishes. From the skilled hands that plant the fields, to the creation of new dishes “El Metate” will explore the roots, customs, traditions, motivations and emotions that are the foundations and spirit of Mexican cooking.